Babe Winkleman Goose Hunts With Premier Flight Guide Service

Premier Flight has been given the honor of guiding Babe Winkleman and his family on two goose hunts. The first hunt was a hunt for giant Canada geese in Rochester, MN. The second hunt was a 3-day Goose Chase for Spring Snow Geese in South Dakota. You can watch the full videos online.

Babe Winkleman on a Rochester Canada Goose Hunt

Babe Winkleman Rochester Goose Hunt

Hunting with Premier Flight

We had the opportunity to guide Babe Winkleman and his family on a Canada Goose hunt in our Rochester, MN fields. We had a lot of fun, shot some geese, and they even had a chance to feed the geese by Silver Lake.

Babe on South Dakota Snow Goose Hunt

Babe Winkleman

In South Dakota Hunting Snow Geese

Babe Winkelman and his family enjoyed the hunt in Rochester so much that they decided to take us up on our offer to hunt Spring Snow Geese in South Dakota. We were successful but we really had to work hard to decoy the birds into camera range.