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Dean Talks About The Fields

Dean Talks About The Fields

Early Season Goose Hunting

Dean Talks About the Fields

I've personally been guiding in Rochester since 1983. I was the first outfitter that opened up. Over the years there has been a lot of changes. When I started Premier Flight in 1997, my goal was to get fields on all sides of town so we were in position to kill birds every day and have the locations to do that. 10 years later we have 18 pitted fields all around Rochester and have been the most successful guide service in the state. From a personal standpoint, I wish people knew what they were getting for the hard earned money when they book a hunt.

There are several outfitters in the Rochester area but most of them are only spending a fraction of the money that we spend on our high quality fields. Lots of these services offer 2 to 3 fields but their success rate isn't nearly as high as Premier Flight. You do get what you pay for with our premium fields.