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Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

The 2nd stop in Premier Flight’s spring snow goose season is in NW Missouri in corn fields surrounding Squaw Creek NWR. Squaw Creek is the hub for spring snow goose hunting and a great location to join Premier Flight on a guided snow goose hunt. This area is the largest and most reliable staging area on the migration north to the breeding grounds and a great place to see 1 million plus geese staged on one location. The site is amazing when the birds lift off each morning and head out in all directions to feed in neighboring corn fields. Since these geese have a safe roosting spot this provides birds that are usually on consistent pattern feeding twice per day. If you want to get an idea on bird numbers in the area a great site is the Friends of Squaw Creek NWR, they update the numbers on a weekly basis. This is only a count on what is roosting on the refuge; it does not include what is roosting on the other two area refuges and on lakes surrounding the refuge.

Because Snow Geese feed in large flocks and often feed out a field very quickly they are constantly on the move. Because of this we are always on the move looking for that next hot field, we scout daily and are willing and able to move fields daily if needed to keep you on a good field. Another key to a good guided snow goose hunt is top notch equipment, snow geese are very wary and they see a ton of spreads. To offset this Premier Flight is constantly adding the latest and greatest gadgets to give us a leg up on these tough birds. Because snow geese are such a wise bird there is no guarantee and we rely on Mother Nature to ensure a great day in the field. Unlike your hunting in the fall when you hope “ducky weather” which is usually overcast with a little precipitation and a breeze from the NW, well in the spring we hope for nice days with not a cloud in the sky and the breeze blowing from the South. If you want to check the weather before your hunt here is a link to the weather for the area we hunt – Mound City Weather. Because weather does have such an impact on the hunt we recommend a 2-3 day hunt to make sure you have the best opportunity to have that once in a lifetime spring snow goose hunt.

What to expect: Well your first day will start with us meeting at a predefined location in town; from there you will follow your Spring Snow Goose Guides out to the hunt location. The snow goose decoys and other equipment will already be ready in the field. After we get all the snow goose hunters out into the spread and assigned to their blind we will go over the rules of the field for safety and to ensure only Snow Geese, Blue Geese, and Ross Geese are shot. Shooting of ducks and other species of geese is not allowed during the spring snow goose season. The hunts typically run from 30 minutes before sunrise till around 11am-noon depending on the bird movement. We typically break for lunch for a few hours before meeting back at the field for the evening flight, this timing changes dependent on the conditions. The evening hunt will go until sunset or when the birds are done flying. Each day is different, if you had a good hunt odds are the guide will plan for you to meet back at the field in the morning. We may also ask for your help either after the AM hunt or after the PM hunt to pick-up and move all the equipment to a new field. Because of the 1200-1600 decoys, blinds, fliers, ecallers, etc. it takes a ton of effort to move a snow goose spread for the next hunt and we appreciate your help in getting this task done. A typical day in the field will yield results of 15-30 snow geese taken per spread, because of weather and other factors we have poor days of 0-5 birds and amazing days taking 50+ snow geese.

Lodging: Because this is a hot spot for guided snow goose hunts and is in a rural setting we would like you to obtain lodging as soon as possible. If lodging is not available in Mound City additional lodging is available in Rock Port, MO and St. Joseph, MO. Rockport is only a few miles down the road, St. Joseph is a little further but offers MUCH better dining options in the evening and a wider range of lodging for you to choose from, it is 40 minutes down I-29.

Mound City Lodging
Rock Port Lodging
St. Joseph Lodging

Dates: February 3 - March 15

Monday - Thursday
- $190/day per hunter
- $165/half day
- $500/3-day hunt (2.5 Day Hunt, hunt till noon on the last day)

Friday - Sunday
- $200/day per hunter
- $175/half day
- $575/3-day hunt (2.5 Day Hunt, hunt till noon on the last day)

State Fee: $45 Missouri Spring Snow Goose License
License Info:  Missouri Department of Conservation

Note: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at time of bookings.  Premier Flight Deposit Policy

What to Bring

What to Bring

What to Bring to your spring snow goose hunt: Spring snow goose hunting is a season of extremes. One day it can be 70 and sunny and the next 15 and snowing out, because of this it good to be prepared for your hunt. Here is a list of things you may want to consider bringing for your hunt.

Guns - For spring snow goose hunting we recommend a 12ga shotgun, 10ga are fine but if you are on a hot hunt pulling the trigger on 100 rounds might get a little hard on your shoulder.  If you have one I would bring a back-up gun just in case you have issues with your gun, with the changing conditions and the mud in the fields guns tend to have issues. Extended magazines are not required, but they can come in handy when the right flock gets in good, but at the very least remove your plugs before the hunt.

– We recommend BB’s, this is a great all around shot. If the birds are working in tight 2’s are great, if the snow geese are not playing nice and we need to shoot a little higher BB or BBB is a better option. I always recommend 2-3 boxes per day hunted, most guys bring a full case for a 3 day hunt. Best Deal I have found and this is all I personally shoot in the spring is 3" BB from Roger's Sporting Goods

– Well you need to prepare for anything while chasing snow geese in the spring. Most snow goose guides will have a entire back seat full of clothes because they know mother nature will throw anything at them from day to day. I would recommend some warm waterproof clothing because it can snow and dip down into the teens and twenties in the spring. Because there is often snow melt and rain in the spring the fields tend to be a little bit muddy, because of this many spring snow goose hunters tend to give up and wear waders which is a great option since you can strip down and jump into your truck and be clean underneath. Otherwise I would plan on temps from 10-70, sun to snow/rain. 

Some fields we use layout blinds, some use A-Frames/Panel blinds, and sometimes we lay out in chairs wearing whites. Feel free to ask ahead of time but we recommend bringing both standard field camo and whites (White hoodies + stocking cap or a tyvek suit).

– This is very handy early in the AM getting into the field and getting settled into your blind. Also it is a must for moving spreads after a PM hunt if you are asked to help out.

– Both MO an SD have a paid license that is available in local stores or online. AR also requires a license but is free.

Face Mask
– A great idea to keep your shinny face hidden from the circling snow geese, a forehead on a sunny day is like a mirror telling the snow geese exactly where you are.
Snacks – There are days when the birds are migrating that we will not leave the field, it is a great idea to bring plenty of snacks/drinks with you each day.

Foam Pad
– Now the blinds are plenty comfortable, but personally I won’t go into a field in the spring without one of these. When the fields are muddy so is the inside of your blind, when it is cold these will make it feel like it is 20 degrees warmer. These pads are worth every penny you spend on them if you are hunting in the cold or mud, usually Walmart will have them for $5-8, they are just foam pads and can be cut in ½ and shared between two hunters. Walmart – Foam Pad.

Toe Warmer
– Again you are laying for hours on end in a cold muddy field, even with the best boots your toes might get cold. Almost every morning if it is cooler out I will toss in a pair of these and I don’t have to worry about cold toes all morning. Walmart – Toe Warmers

Bird Cleaning/Transport Supplies
– Remember at the end of the day the birds must be cleaned. Since a wing must be left for transport I recommend 1 gallon zip lock bags, only one bird per bag. A knife, latex gloves, and some water/towels for cleanup is nice too. Also some large strong trash bags for the rest of the bird, if your guide can’t find a home for the waste most hotels will let you toss them(make sure to ask first).

A sense of humor
– There is plenty of down time in the field, days turn LONG if you can’t have a little fun and tell some stories/jokes in the field to kill some time.

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