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Early Season Goose Hunts - Rochester, MN

Early Season Goose Hunts - Rochester, MN

Minnesota Early Goose Hunting

Minnesota Early Goose Season Hunts

Minnesota goose hunters have fantastic opportunities to harvest Canadian geese throughout the fall season. The daily bag limit is two geese statewide through the regular fall season.

In addition to the standard fall season, there is also an early goose season in September to control the population of the resident geese. Resident Canadian goose numbers remain high across the state and that is especially true of the Rochester area.

The early Canadian goose season is designed to maintain a high havest pressure on the resident Minnesota geese. The early season around in Minnesota begins runs through most of September.

Early season hunts are conducted throughout the state. Bag limits of 5 geese per hunter have been set for the season. A $4 permit is required to hunt the early and late goose seasons.