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Our Fields

Huge flights of giant Canada geese are a common sight in the skies over Rochester, Minnesota. For large numbers of local and visiting hunters, the huge numbers of geese are an amazing site. The hunters watch with interest as the geese travel each day from their roost in the Refuge out to the feeding fields surrounding Rochester.

The entire town of Rochester is a state game refuge and the huge numbers of giant Canada geese reflect the positive effect of the refuge. Each year thousands of geese seek refuge in the area and many thousands more arrive each fall during their fall migration.

Goose hunters and local guides closely watch the giant Canada geese from nearby grain fields, weedy fence-lines, road-side blinds, and any other place where the big waterfowl regularly fly and can be legally hunted.

Premier Flight Has The Goose Hunting Fields

In the early season the geese will make as short of a trek as possible out to feeding fields in the surrounding area. The geese will quickly change to different fields as the season wears on and they see their fair share of hunting pressure.

Premier Flight is the only guide service that offers 18 fields to hunt. Typically, other services have 2 or 3. By having this many spots, we can more easily locate to where the geese are flying.

We have fields that are consistent early and as the geese move out to the exterior, we have fields farther out to accommodate late season hunting. No one else has our level of accommodations.