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Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Spring Snow Goose Guide Service

Spring Snow Goose Guide Service

Premier Flight Guide Service offers snow goose hunts starting in February in Arkansas, and has been in the snow goose game since the very beginning of the conservation season. When looking for a snow goose guide you want to make sure they are snow goose hunting in multiple locations so that to keep you on the snow geese. We offer guided snow goose hunts in Arkansas, guided snow goose hunts in Missouri, and our last spring snow goose hunting location is in South Dakota. Because we operate in multiple states we are your spring goose outfitter for whichever location is nearest to home.

Our spring snow goose hunts start near Jonesboro, Arkansas and then move northward following the migration. Next stop is NW Missouri in the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge where millions of snow geese stage. We follow the snow geese through Nebraska near Adams NE, then up to South Dakota near the Lake Thompson area. We utilized many different leases in each location because snow geese are aggressive feeders and move around a lot.

A group minimum of 6 people is required to guarantee your own field.

Location - The key to a good guided snow goose hunt

Spring Snow Geese Locations - Location is key to being successful while hunting snow geese in the spring.  A good snow goose outfitter will have multiple options to move to since snow geese move around so much. The spring snow goose migration is dictated by the weather more than anything else since the geese can only move so far there is open water and snow free fields. Spring weather in Arkansas, Missouri, and South Dakota can change at a moment's notice pushing the birds back south or warming up and allowing them to move north. Because of this Premier Flight has many options along the flyway to keep our hunts on quality birds. These birds can literally be in Missouri one day and South Dakota the next, a good snow goose guide needs to have the flexibility to keep you on the birds.

These snow geese move feeding grounds often. We like to stay one step ahead of them so we are constantly scouting and getting reports across the flyway to ensure we are set up to hunt the best areas. Because the weather plays a significant role in the success of the hunt, we highly recommend that you book a 2 to 3 day hunt to maximize your hunting success. We use electronic caller systems and our fields have large decoy spreads with either layout blinds, A-Frame/Panel Blinds, or occasionally padded chairs. We typically hunt 6 clients per field.

Snow Goose Hunting Locations:

Snow Goose Hunting Equipment

Equipment - Quality equipment is key to our success with spring snow goose hunting. Snow geese get hunted starting in September in Canada and all the way to their wintering grounds. Then they make the trek back north to the breeding grounds in the spring and we are waiting along the way. By the time they get back to us they have been hunted for 6+ months and are well educated. It is important when selecting a spring snow goose guide that they have top notch equipment to increase your odds at success in the field.

We use only the best in equipment to lure these smart birds into the snow goose decoy spread. We use the following equipment:

- SkyFly Socks


- Rig 'em Right and TangleFree Panel blinds
- Variety of layout blinds

Electronic Calls
- FoxPro Game Calls

Special Equipment
- Higdon Clone Decoys
- Silosock Rotary Machines

- Sillosock Flyers

Note that some of our guides run their own equipment which may vary.

Premier Flight Guide Service is booking snow goose hunts for upcoming season.

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