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Typical Day of Hunting

Typical Day of Hunting

A typical day hunting with Premier Flight means we meet at McDonald's on Highway 52. We meet 30 minutes before the hunt to have a snack. Then we group up and head to the fields.

We'll get you to the pits and our guides will set the decoys. We can often use help as the season goes on and we start setting 500 plus decoys and silhouettes. Feel free to pitch in if you feel like it, otherwise get yourself settled into the pits with a cup of coffee. We will fill you in on what to expect for the day due to wind, weather patterns and any other factors that might come into play for the day.

The pits we have in our field are either 2 man or 4 man pits. So if you have a larger group it's likely that you'll get to hunt in all the same pit. Our hunts go until noon or when the birds have totally shut off for the day.

As the weather gets colder, the birds move later in the day. We extend the hunt as long as there are birds to be had. We do offer heaters in the late-season pits which really takes the edge off on those bitter cold days.