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Babe Winkelman Hunts Snow Geese

Babe Winkelman Snow Goose Hunting

Babe Winkelman Snow Goose Hunting

We enjoyed having Babe Winkelman and his family along to hunt snow geese with us in South Dakota. He is a dedicated hunter and we learned a lot from him over the course of the weekend.

One thing that Babe impressed on us was the idea that you must spend your time in the field if you are going to be successful. "You aren't going to shoot snow geese in the hotel" seemed to be a common thread throughout our group that weekend.

We hunted hard for two days straight - leaving the blinds only for lunch in the afternoon and a good night's sleep each evening.

Much of the day can be exciting with an almost steady stream of passing flocks of snow geese. However, there is always some amount of down time during the day. We pass the time talking snow goose strategy, laying out in the goose blinds for a little snooze and more often than not we're shooting the bull and passing the time.

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