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The Big Difference

The Big Difference

Goose Hunting with Premier Flight

The Big Difference

The Big Difference with out Goose Hunting is the fields.You may ask why should I hunt with Premier Flight, how are we different than other guide services?

Premier Flight is the only guide service that offers 18 fields to hunt. Typically, other services have 2 or 3. By having this many spots, we can more easily locate to where the geese are flying.

We have fields that are consistent early and as the geese move out to the exterior, we have fields farther out to accommodate late season hunting. No one else has these accommodations to the degree we do.

Also with having the access to all these fields, we have instilled a policy that if your hunting with us and it was a poor day, we give you an option to hunt the afternoon with us or come back another day at a reduced rate.

Obviously you can’t guarantee hunting success every time you hunt, but we feel very confident with our success in the past and our commitment to our hunters. We can ensure you the best hunting opportunities in the state.

Dean Tlougan