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Meet Our Guides

Meet the guides at Premier Flight Guide Service.

Dean Tlougan

Goose Hunting GuideI have been an avid hunter since I was a teenager. Goose hunting became a passion of mine early on. I got an opportunity to guide for the first guide service that opened in Rochester in 1982, at the prime age of 19. I guided for 5 years for that service. Being out every day of the hunting season taught me quickly how to kill geese in any situation.

In 1996 I took over the Rochester Goose Hunting from Mark Leitzen and have been on my own ever since. I also enjoy turkey, deer and pheasant hunting very much with any free time that I get.

As owner of premier flight I've tried to incorporate a fun learning experience for our clients and create the best opportunity to harvest geese on a daily basis. I take every hunt personal and want to show people the best hunting experience possible.


Brian Roeker

I have been an avid waterfowl hunter since the day I picked up my first shotgun ! I spent many of my younger days retrieving birds for my father as he taught me about this great sport. I  guide hunts every year from Arkansas to South Dakota . I enjoy watching the birds work in close just as much as taking the shot . Hunting Canada geese is in my blood, they are my favorite species to hunt, there's nothing better then a foggy morning with a flock of giants breaking through into the decoys !!! I also enjoy archery hunting and fishing in my spare time !!!  Hope to see you out there soon !!!



Kevin Steever and Hunter's Justice

Goose Hunting GuideI have been an avid waterfowler since the first day I was able to hunt. I got my first opportunity to experience guiding while living in South Dakota on the Missouri River. After moving to the Rochester area I was introduced to Premier Flight Guide Service in 1999 and have been guiding ever since. In 2000 Hunter's Justice, my black lab, was put to work at my side never missing a day afield. I love the challenges that waterfowling gives the outdoorsman as hunts and bird activity changes day to day making it a sport where no two days are the same. I spend 50+ days a year in the field making sure your hunts are safe, enjoyable and productive. At Premier Flight we will always put you in the best possible position to harvest birds during your hunt.

In my spare time I love to fish, hunt pheasants, and bow hunt. It is our important to pass along hunting traditions and continue to formulate our future. Young men and women hunters are a must and are always welcome here at Premier Flight Guide Service. I look forward to seeing you in the fall. Thanks Dad for making time to take me hunting and fishing.


Steve "Smitty" Smith

Goose Hunting GuideSteve "Smitty" Smith has been guiding for 18 years. He is the previous owner of Folding Feathers Guide Service in Rochester before joining Premier Flight's team of guides. With a true passion and knowledge for hunting Canadian Geese, you will find Smitty to be just as entertaining with his many stories of shots missed and the ones that just should have never gotten away. Huey is my black labrador of 12 years who is always happy to see the birds fallin'. In the off season you can find him guiding the Blue Goose launch on Lake Mille Lacs Hope to see you this fall in the blinds.


Scott Threinen

Goose Hunting GuideScott grew up hunting around the goose rich area of rochester, he started guiding at the age of 15 and nine years later still enjoys taking people out hunting. Besides spending more then 120 days in the field hunting from Canada to Tennessee each year, Scott is also an accomplished goose caller and is evolved in contest around the country.

He holds 19 major calling championships including the 3 Minnesota state titles, the World Team Championship three runner up finishes at the World Championship, and the 2008 World Live Goose Calling title. In Scott's words, "I believe Premier Flight is by far the most dedicated group of hunters I've seen, from safety, field location, and professionalism you won't find a better outfitter around".

Chris Schneider

Goose Hunting GuideRochester area native - I've been guiding professionally for more than 10 years, and I've been hunting geese in the Rochester area since I was 14. With over 20 years of experience, you can be assured that I will do everything possible to make your hunt memorable and safe. Premier Flight has more premium locations than any guide service in the Rochester area, which gives us the flexibility to move around to get you under the birds. That flexibility, combined with constant scouting and networking, are the key ingredients for a successful hunt. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, I invite you to give us a try. We have something for everyone, including group & weekday discounts, unguided hunts, seasonal memberships, and a very friendly staff.

When I'm not guiding, freelancing a field, (or working my real job), I like to fish for walleye, crappies, and salmon. Other hobbies include hard water angling, chasing waterfowl in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, upland bird hunting, custom rod building, dog training, and performing and recording with my (R & R) band.

Jim Mattson

Goose Hunting GuideI have over 30 years waterfowl hunting experience, and have been guiding goose hunters in the Rochester area since 1993. I enjoy fishing, hunting and camping with my family in my spare time.
Premier Flight is the Best in this area, no other guide service has better fields and quality guides than us. We strive to make each hunt a memorable one for you, let us do the work so you can sit back and enjoy the hunt.

I would be glad to give a few goose calling tips as well, I'm a two time Minnesota goose calling champion, two time Grand National goose calling champion, IWA North American goose calling champion and the Minnesota Regional goose calling champion. Please stop down to hunt with us this season you will be glad you did.

Dan Swanson

Goose Hunting GuideI've been working with Premier Flight for 5 years. I love hunting, training Short Hairs and trap shooting. I'm married with one child and 2 German Short Hairs. I'm looking forward to seeing you this fall.




Mark Bowman

Goose Hunting GuideI have been an avid hunter since the age of 12. Starting in September all the way to the end of December waterfowl season you will find me out pursing waterfowl. I also enjoy deer hunting, turkey hunting and fishing whenever I have spare time. We here at Premier Flight look forward to seeing you this fall and making your hunting experience with us a memorable one for you and for all of us. See you in the field!!





Jeff Satre

Goose Hunting GuideJeff Satre - aka Bass, or Jeff "The Tractor Beam" Satre. I have been hunting geese for over 20 years. But it wasn't until I joined the Premier Flight team that I found my true calling... flaggin' giant Canada geese! I'm a three time City Wide Flagging Champion, and have been known to flag 'em in from miles away. Geese knowingly leave the refuge when catching sight of the tantalizing maneuvers I create with my Flagman. I have even been known to pull committed geese away from rival decoy spreads, leaving other guide services dumbfounded and asking themselves, "what went wrong".... what went wrong is "The Tractor Beam" was within a country mile of them! Like the boys like to say, "Da Tractor Beam is in da hole!"

Kyle Holbrook

Goose Hunting GuideI'm Kyle Holbrook, I have been an avid hunter all my life. I've hunted ducks and geese from Canada to Southern Illinois. I started hunting with premier flight at the age of 12. Dean and all the other guides were so nice to me and always made sure that i got shooting and was having a good time. They always took time to show me how to set decoys and really work the geese, every year since has been a blast. I live three hours north of Rochester in Brainerd, but I usually work every weekend for Dean. I enjoy bow hunting, training hunting dogs, and chasing tail. Those of you who have hunted with me know that I am all about the thrill of the hunt. I look forward to seeing you this fall. From my experience Premier Flight is a safe and fun way to take a kid hunting.


Brian "STRECH" Anderson

Goose Hunting GuideI am an avid waterfowl hunter, but my forte is hunting Canada geese.  I hunt all over the state of Minnesota and have hunted Canada.  I have been with Premier Flight for three years and have loved every minute of it.  I enjoy teaching others about waterfowl hunting so come on out and hunt with us.  Hope to see you in the field.