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Duck and Goose Hunting Report - 10/27/2008

October 27, 2008 by

A heavy front blew into the area Saturday night and it really stirred the pot for Sunday morning hunts. The forecast was for winds out of the NW at 20-30 MPH with gusts to 50 MPH - snow flurries were possible.

Mississippi River Ducks:

Two of our hunters chased ducks in the Mississippi River valley to the East of Rochester. They saw a LOT of ducks but the success rate was low for the entire area. Birds were flying fast in the wind and they weren't slowing down for decoys. Only 3 ducks were taken by the 16 hunters we spoke to at the Winona landing.

Rochester Geese - morning:

Hunters in 2 fields had mixed success, taking a few birds. We hunted through high winds and snow flurries and the conditions were tough. The birds didn't fly in large numbers so we had few opportunities.

Rochester Geese - afternoon:

We will occasionally hunt the afternoon if the morning hunts are tough. Sunday was a good example of a tough morning. By afternoon the wind had subsided into the 15 MPH range and the heavy snow had calmed to a light dusting.

Birds started streaming out of town at about 2pm and the return flight occurred at 5pm. We saw hundreds and hundreds of birds streaming out to feed before dark.

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