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Booking your 2016 Snow Goose Hunts

Booking your 2016 Snow Goose Hunts

September 01, 2015 by

Time to start thinking about booking your spring 2016 snow goose hunt as fall is almost here and dates fill quickly.  Spring snow goose hunting is a great way to get out of town in the spring and chase the millions of migrating snow geese as they head back to the tundra.  A guided snow goose hunt is a great economical way to get out snow goose hunting without spending $5000+ on equipment and spending the bulk of your time lining up land access.  If you have never been on a spring snow goose hunt it is amazing!  The flights of snow geese can be in the millions and when all the conditions are right it can be a hunt of a lifetime with hunts of 100+ geese, with some good shooting of course.  Give Dean a call today and start chatting about some dates for the coming season, we offer hunts in the following locations. 

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