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Snow Goose Hunting with Dean Tlougan

Snow Goose Hunting with Dean Tlougan

Snow Goose Hunting with Dean Tlougan

Dean Tlougan's company, Premier Flight Guide Service, offers a mobile snow goose hunting unit that follows the migrating geese north through the central flyway.

Owned and managed by Dean Tlougan, Premier Flight is a premium snow goose hunting guide group. They own thousands of decoys, the top performing electronic calls, the best field blinds, and multiple levels of motion decoys to get the birds in your lap.

Dean takes pride in going well beyond the "extra mile" to make sure you enjoy your hunting experience. We shoot plenty of birds but our goal is to have a fun, safe time in the field. You'll laugh, learn and shoot.

"Being a guide for close to 30 years I've learned a lot about customer service, listening to our clients feedback and using that to make our service better. I understand putting people under birds is important but explaining why we do certain things in the field and make it educational at the same time makes it a far better hunt. I've met a lot of people over the years and started many lasting friendships with our hunters. It's great to have hunters come back year after year and bring their kids as they get older. We would like to think we're building traditions with these hunters that will last forever." - Dean Tlougan - Owner of Premier Flight Goose Hunting Guides

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