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Giant Canadian Goose Hunts

Giant Canadian Goose Hunts

Premier Flight Guide Service is a professional organization, long established as one of the best guided goose hunt services in Minnesota. Our fields are among the best in the Rochester area, making us better able to consistently call and kill giant Canadian geese throughout the season.

We have champion goose callers from around the region. Our goose hunting guides make all the difference in the world, making us the #1 guide outfit in the Rochester area.

Our guides scout  daily and we rotate through our fields often to always put you on the best field with the lowest hunting pressure possible. We follow the the geese to new fields as they move throughout the year. While other guides in the area only have a few fields to chose from, we have 18 fields throughout the area. We even have fields in the exterior of the area to specifically target the late season geese that won't stop until they get out of the heavily hunted areas.

" Dean Tlougan has been living around Rochester for so long that he knows where the geese are going to go and if they are willing to come in to the decoys just by looking at the way the flock flies."
Paul E.
Age 16


Giant Canadian Geese

Although nearly all the geese taken by hunters in the Rochester area are large, one out of every few dozen are even bigger yet. The giant Canadian geese in our area will weigh 12 pounds or higher and each year we will take a few giants weighing 14 pounds.

These giant Canadian geese had all but disappeared but were rediscovered and protected in the Rochester area. Through careful management and protection, the giant Canadian geese have made a strong come back and they are prevalent in the area.

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