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Passing The Time

Passing The Time

Passing the time

We can't help but adding a page to our site dedicated to passing the time in the goose blind. After all, if it's not fun... Well, it's not worth setting the decoys.

Dean Tlougan built Premier Flight guiding from the ground up based upon the idea of doing what he enjoys doing - hunting geese. We can promise one thing - You'll have fun.

The rain may soak through your boots, your gun might shoot left on every shot, and you'll be sleep deprive through it all. But bring your sense of humor and we'll have fun.

Dean wanted to flex those muscles to throw that yellow shirt right out of the field.

We hunted snow geese in South Dakota with Babe Winkelman. With Babe comes an entire camera crew and their gear. We had a really hard time concealing these guys and it was made worse by the bright yellow shirt that this one here decided to wear the first day.

Needless to say, we abused him just a little.

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