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Snow Goose Hunting Strategy

Snow Goose Hunting Strategy

Snow Goose Hunting Strategy

A lot of snow goose hunting is standing around thinking through the problem. By the time we hunt snow geese in South Dakota these geese have flown up from Texas and the Gulf Coast and they're looking to get north to the tundra breeding grounds. The only thing holding them back is weather and fatigue.

The job of our guides is to figure out the perfect line where bad weather and fatigue are enough for the flocks of geese to locate a feeding field and land for the day.

Each day one of our snow goose hunting guides spends their morning in the truck scouting for fields to use the following day(s). Many snow goose hunting guides make the mistake of staying right where the birds fell yesterday. While that field may work for a day or two, chances are better that the flocks will find a fresh field or move further north.

We are one of the only snow goose hunting guides to purposefully keep part of our guide team out of the field - searching for the next place to set decoys.

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