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Self-Guided Goose Hunts Rochester, MN

Self-Guided Goose Hunts Rochester, MN

We hold the primary goose hunting lease on thousands of acres in Rochester, Minnesota. A self-guided goose hunt on one of our fields is perfect for experienced groups looking to lease a field for a day. We supply the field and the decoys - you do the rest.

Hunting geese will test patience and skills of any avid waterfowl hunter. Goose hunting is many times more difficult if you don't have access to good fields - or any fields for that matter!

Our private fields are never over hunted and only those who work with Premier flight have access to these fields. We scout fields to locate prime feeding locations and we rotate our fields so the geese never see too much hunting pressure.

This hunt is based on limited availability. Please contact us for reservations.

Monday - Sunday - $60