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Vortex Machine for Snow Goose Hunting

Vortex Machine for Snow Goose Hunting

The Vortex decoy machine is a set of Sillosock flapping wing decoys strapped to an industrial-strength motor. The motor rotates the arms of the machine around in a consistent motion, creating more motion in the spread than the average snow goose can handle.

We set the Vortex machine up in the center of the decoys and the birds can't help but land right on top of the machine. We watched the lead group of one snow goose tornado cup their wings to avoid the Vortex machine arms. They were right in the middle of us, less than 6 feet off the ground!

Sometimes you just need to go with a bold statement to land these wary geese. The Vortex machine thumbs a nose to just any old motion decoy. It's the real deal.

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