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Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide Service

Arkansas Ducks

Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide Service

You can’t describe the State of Arkansas without mentioning ducks and most stories about great duck hunts originate in Arkansas! Known throughout the world as one of the top water fowling destinations, Arkansas is home to millions of wintering ducks, snows and specks. After hunting the entire state over the last several years, the area we are the most attracted to is in the NE portion of the state. This area is smack dab in the heart of the flyway, and for a good reason! With the Mississippi River to the East, the White River to the west, and the world famous Cache River running right through the middle of rich fertile rice country, this area serves as a major migration highway for waterfowl.

We were originally attracted to this area because of the abundance of snow geese, but after several years of watching massive numbers of ducks use this area, and numerous requests from clients to offer duck hunts here, we started looking for ways to make this possible; that’s when we ran into Hunter Johnson. Hunter had owned and operated Locked Wings & Labs LLC and managed MoDucks LLC, both in near by Southeast Missouri for the last 14 years. The reintroduction of cotton in the area he hunted had decreased the rice and corn acreage that the ducks depend on for food and the majority of the ducks had stopped using that area in Missouri. Hunter had moved a couple of hours south to try to relocate his business, and after a season of working together hunting snow geese, we decided to team up to offer the best duck hunting available.

Duck Hunting Guide in Arkansas
Most of our hunting takes place within 20 miles of our camp, which is located near the town of Cash, AR, a small town just south west of Jonesboro. Our guides will transport you out to the blinds or pits each morning for some of the best duck and Specklebelly goose hunting that Arkansas has to offer. The majority of the ducks we kill are Mallard and Pintail, however, we do have several Teal, Gadwall, Shovler and Widgeon. Most duck hunting takes place in the morning, but occasionally during full moons or below normal temperatures, ducks tend to fly better later in the mornings or in the afternoons. We will alter our hunting hours as needed to insure that we are hunting during the best parts of each day. Clients can have to option to hunt Specklebelly geese in the afternoons if desired, or simply throw something on the grill, kick back at the camp and watch the game with your friends. Whichever you decide, we can assure you some of the best waterfowl action and southern hospitality imaginable. Give us a holler to book your hunt today!
Arkansas Duck Hunting Outfitter

Duck Hunting Rates

  • Duck Hunting - $175 per half day. If the mornings hunt was slow due to weather or the birds we will also hunt the afternoon. This decision is left to the guide on the hunt to determine. We try not to hunt the afternoon to often so that we can give the birds a break and keep them in the area for the following days hunt.
  • Afternoon Specklebelly Hunts – $50 per afternoon. NE Arkansas has a ton of White Fronts aka “Specklebelly” which after a successful AM duck hunt might be the perfect way to close out the day. These are done in fields in layout blinds.

2018 Duck Season Dates:

  • Early Teal Season:
    • Sept 15th - 30th
  • Duck, Coot & Merganser:
    • Nov. 17th - 25th
    • Dec 6th -23rd
    • Dec 2nd - Jan 27th 2019

Some of the things you will need for your Arkansas Duck Hunt:

  • Waders (chest waders are the best but hip boots will work)
  • Warm waterproof clothing
  • Arkansas Small Game hunting license (nonresident seasonal $80, 5 day $55)
  • Arkansas State Duck Stamp
  • HIP registration (free)
  • Federal duck stamp
  • 12 or 20 gauge shotgun with non-toxic shot in BB, #2, or #4 shot
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Camera (to prove to your wife you were really hunting)